I’m turning this 1969 Airstream trailer into a mobile recording studio, and I’m photodocumenting the entire process right here. Everything inside it – the kitchen, beds and washroom – is coming out, and super cool recording studio is going in. This way, I can record my radio show wherever I go.

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Oh, Canada

We got a freak snow fall. It was October – not winter yet. Wouldn’t you know it – this was the day i had to haul it (for the first time) to a nearby trailer shop to get it checked out [...]

The Hunt Begins

Proud new owner. Now the search begins to find someone who knows Airstreams and how to restore and convert them to recording studios. That probably means hauling it back to States somewhere. Sigh.

All Aboard

It was still all original inside. Airstream exteriors age well but interiors don’t. But we’ll be taking the old interior out out to convert it into a state-of-the-art digital recording studio.

Airstream in Autumn

It was just what I was looking for – a vintage Airstream circa 1969. The owner towed it to our house the next week (we didn’t have a trailer hitch yet!). Oh, and that’s our pup Dexter. Save

Love at First Sight

One day, I was talking to my wife Debbie (who produces our radio show) about the fact I have to drive four hours every time I have to record a new episode of Under The Influence. After 12 years, [...]

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